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RCA Satellite Dish Mount


This mount normally goes on a 1 5/8" pole that comes with the unit.  Note comments and available options...

The plastic caps are an excess but cheap and they protect you from getting scratched, retain the wing nuts in place when loose, and keep the threads clean.  The nylon washers set out the wing nuts so you can get to them and they'll tighten.  The two wingnuts and washers for the elevation adjustment attach to manufacturer provided quarter inch carriage bolts.  Mount the unit on a Bullseye, tripod, or similar mount and you can easily tighten the unit down for use.  The LNB arm comes off for transport and is easily reattached.

From the picture above... You will need the following parts.  I've included my cost at the local hardware store to give you some idea of what it will cost you.  As you can see... for less than $5 you have a unit that is truly portable.  A couple of the short 1/4" bolts that come with the dish are used for the adjustment bolts and the main retainer has a nylon lock nut on it and simply is tightened to an 'almost snug' fit.  The LNB bracket is spot welded and in many cases will not stay together when thrown around in an RV.  I used a 3/16" drill and drilled out the spots and used the #10-24 x 3" bolts to retain it.

2 #10-24 x 3" Round head bolt $0.17 ea.
4 #10 Washers $0.03 ea.
4 Nylon washers - 3/8" OD 3/16" ID 1/8" $0.19 ea.
2 Wing nuts - #10 $0.17 ea.
2 Plastic caps for 3/16" or #10 incl
2 1/4" x 2 1/4" Carriage bolts $0.09 ea.
4 Wing nuts - 1/4" $0.17 ea.
2 Plastic caps for 1/4" incl
6 Washers 1/4" $0.03 ea.
2 Nylon spacers .257 ID 1/2" OD x 1" $0.22 ea.


$3.24 + tx

I got a dozen end caps for $1.29 and used 4 of them for the project.  That is the 'incl' entry.  I put $0.20 into the cost for the caps.  This is the cost ($3.24 + tx) of the modifications to make the dish more portable.  The cables and mount will have to be purchased in any case to make the dish operational.

You can make a short RG6 cable to go from the LNB to an accessible location outside the mount.  (I did two of these 2 feet long so that the dual LNB has a feed for both LNBs.)  You'll also need a straight through connector for the line you have coming out of the LNB to connect to the line back into the RV.