Basswood Country RV Park in Platte City, March 17-19, 2001

Coachmen 121 (Roddy's Rowdys) went to Basswood RV Park for the weekend.  It is close to KC and there was a good turnout.  We all had a good time...  Jo Walls took the first eight (8) pictures just to finish out a roll of film she had on hand.  I took the rest with the digital.  Obviously we had some snow on the trip.

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Basswood's sign is snowy.

The Basswood entrance.

Basswood's sign.

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The Walls unit.

One of the five lakes at Basswood.

Getting set up.

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Ed and Parker (grandson)

Coachmen 121 at Basswood.

Before breakfast on Sunday.

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Sunday business meeting.

Sunday business meeting.

A good crowd at the meeting.

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Parked at Basswood.

Looking South where we're parked.

Afternoon visit before we leave.