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We got our new RV on 28 August, 1998 and have been RVing as much as we can spare the time for...  What follows is a running commentary on each site at which we have had occasion to stay, visit, or otherwise have an interest in.  I'll also throw in other 'happenings' with the RV world we're in!  I've now broken out separate years with individual past years separate from the 'current year' page.  I have also provided a page with sites that are 'suggested' for RVing within 3 hours drive of the KC Area...  KC Area Sites

Roy's Trips

This page will contain our adventures for the year 2003.

It doesn't take much to see that the year 2003 has been a bust for RVing.  I've been tied to my job extensively and just haven't been able to break loose.

05/26/2003, Memorial Day
As usual I directed traffic at Floral Hills Cemetery for the annual US Flag display for Memorial Day.  I took the motorhome out and used it as a base for the day of work.

Carol and I drove to Denver and met some new friends there.  We picked up a trailer to haul my motorcycles on when they are either being serviced or I perhaps want to take one of them with me somewhere.  The trip was pretty routine until we got to Denver at about 5:30 PM their time.  Rush hour, and a weather super cell with hail, downpour of rain and all the attendant nightmares. <grin>  At 20 mph we drove on through it.  Cars were stopping.
On the way back home Friday we had to contend with high winds out of the south from the time we left Denver to about mid-Kansas.  It nearly tore the awning off of the motorhome.  I had to stop and use nylon ties to secure it.
We're home now with the nice trailer I bought and all is well.

Carol and I, along with Amanda (granddaughter) drove up to Sycamore Springs Campground just north of Sabetha, KS.   It's about 105 miles and I took the girls up and then had to drive back to work - again - and I ended up missing the hot time they had.  Literally.  It was warm and uncomfortable.  Pot luck dinner was apparently scrubbed and everyone went into town (Sabetha) and had a nice dinner.  We tried roller skating Sunday after I got back to the camp but it was just too hot to have fun.

The plan was again to try to take a day off.  We ended up driving up on Saturday afternoon after I got done working and we spent a nice evening with a group of friends at Indian Cave State Park, NE.  Just north of Falls City, NE it is about a 3 hour drive.  It rained Sunday AM so the pot luck breakfast was cancelled but we still had fun visiting and the sun came out about 11 AM and we stayed until 4 PM.  Drive home was uneventful.  Looking forward to possibly getting a weekend off maybe this year.

I took the motorhome to Lexington, KY to pick up a 1999 Police Kawasaki that I purchased through a friend from eBay.  A former full-timer friend, Roger Schramm went with me to help with the drive and to enjoy some time out of town.  We drove down in a rain storm leaving late because of my work, and staying in the Wal-Mart in Belleville, IL.  We went on to Lexington after getting up at 6 AM.  We got into Lexington around 3:30 and picked up the motor.  We then headed back toward home with a nice stop in Evansville, IN at a former army buddy's home.  Russ and Judy are avid motorcyclists themselves and a good time was had by all.

Carol and I took the motorhome to Nashville, TN, again to pick up a 1990 Police Kawasaki that I had purchased through eBay.  While down there we stopped and visited our good friends Mark and Fran Herring in Number One, TN.  We had a wonderful trip and we stopped in Metropolis, IL on the way back to see the Superman displays and have lunch.  We visited the historic fort there and it was quite a leisurely trip.

That was about it for the 2003 year.  As you can see we simply didn't get out a whole lot.  I did not get a complete weekend off all year.  Thus there was not a single full weekend of camping with our club friends.  It turned out to be a professional advantage to have the motorhome this year.


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