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We got our new RV on 28 August, 1998 and have been RVing as much as we can spare the time for...  What follows is a running commentary on each site at which we have had occasion to stay, visit, or otherwise have an interest in.  I'll also throw in other 'happenings' with the RV world we're in!  I've now broken out separate years with individual past years separate from the 'current year' page.  I have also provided a page with sites that are 'suggested' for RVing within 3 hours drive of the KC Area...  KC Area Sites

Roy's Trips

This page will contain our adventures for the year 2005.

February 5, 2005
The Roddy's Rowdy's group got together at the Mimi's Cafe in Zona Rosa, KCMO. About 20 folks showed up for a nice meal together and some comraderie.

April 9-10, 2005 Carol and I went up to Wallace State Park just south of Cameron. Good thing that Missouri has those reservations available now or we would have been out of luck. The electric sites were full. There was still plenty of primitive but it is nice to have the electric available. Friends Roger and Jack Schramm were there in their new Forest River Rhino pop-up camper. Richard and Kathy were there and Pete and Diane Amret, all from the Gladstone area. Many good friends, good food and a good time. Roger, Jackie, Carol and I stayed over to Monday since we had the day off. The park was pretty much empty by Sunday afternoon as we expected and it was another quiet night at the ol' campground.

April 15, 2005 Roddy's Rowdy's group went to Big Lake State Park in Missouri near Rulo, NE. Our friends, Roger and Jackie Schramm joined us with their new Rhino by Forest River pop-up camper. It is the new high-sided type of camper with electric raising and an electric hookup jack to make things easier. Seemed to be a wonderful weekend for being lazy with a couple of exceptions. When we got there it became clear that the 'house batteries' in our motorhome had exceeded their three year warranty by one month and were pretty much dead. I had to drive back to Kansas City to work Saturday AM anyway so I just picked up a couple of new batteries. Meantime the 110 volt took care of things just fine. Jim and Jo were parked next to us and as Jim left on Sunday with his brand new fifth wheel he managed to take out the electrical box and do a small amount of damage to the new fifth wheel. Then on the way home Wanda and her husband had a flat tire in their fifth wheel and we stopped and waited with them for help to arrive. Not a big deal but a bit of an inconvenience. Everyone enjoyed the pot luck as usual and I particularly enjoyed getting to play with Charles and Linda's new Directway satellite Internet connection. That's the way to travel! Not exactly roughing it though.


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