Smith Fork Campground at Smithville Lake Apirl 20-22, 2001

Coachmen 121 (Roddy's Rowdys) went to Smith Fork for the weekend.  It is close to KC and there was a good turnout.  We all had a good time...

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Jack's beard from his hospital stay.

After the hair clippers we get down to business.

Jack's working on that stubble.

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I'm already feeling better!

Johnny cleancut!

 Dinner Saturday evening.

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Jack and Dorothy in the center with John Cutshall and David Francis

Tom Goff is preparations manager this time.

Tom oversees things.

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The main serving table.

Tom serves the crowds.

Kathy Campbell and Richard Stone get loaded up.

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A little whistle ball fun.

More whistle ball.

Jack's got his campfire going.

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More campfire fun.

Breakfast is served.

Sunday breakfast.

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Jack and Bill are getting breakfast.

Jack, Carol, Madeline, Bill at breakfast Sunday.

Tom, Jack, Carol, Eldon

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Tom, Jack Carol, Madeline, Eldon

The breakfast layout.

 Mike's cheery this morning.

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Tom and Richard

Carol and Jim

Madeline and Jim 

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 The breakfast crowd.

Jack likes the Indian on the horse. (back of rig next to us)

Weekend camp host and friends.  The gentleman on the left and lady on the right that are closest are customers of mine on

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 They had just purchased this new Monaco Diplomat.

Another picture of the Monaco Diplomat. 

 We're getting together over at Eldon and Madeline's.

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Mike and his daughter.

Jack and Eldon.