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Below  is a listing of RV related books and magazines.  There are of course many more than listed here.  I have purchased each of the books listed to see what they had to offer.  Obviously you should only get what you will need.

There are many publications that will assist you in your RVing experiences.  Magazines for my Class 'A' the obvious first is Motorhome.  For the trailer enthusiast the choice might be Trailer Life.  Both can be found on the internet at www.trailerlife.com which is the 'home page' of Trailer Life.  The books listed below are some examples of what I carry and use in my travels.


The Exit Authority - 2000 Edition

Next Exit - 8th Edition

The Exit Authority - 2000 Edition
To the best of my knowledge and ability, I have been unable to locate the company that produced this book...  or any subsequent issues to this edition.  It appears that they are out of business.  I felt it was the best of the two books here and was the one that I used all the time.

The Next Exit - 10th Edition (February 2001)
(PICTURE IS OF 8th Edition)

Both of these books accomplish essentially the same thing.  They provide exit information for all interstate routes.  Such things as food, lodging, fuel, and RV facilities are things we are all interested in finding easily.  Why not know where it is before you get there.  A great planning tool for travelers.  New issued are produced every year.

Woodall's 2000 North American Campground Directory

Trailer Life 2000 Campground Directory

Both of these books are campground directories.  They provide relatively complete listings of all available campgrounds and their facilities.  Such things as what hookups are available, recreational facilities, fees and contact information can be very helpful while you travel.  They will help you plan ahead for your daily 'camp'.  New issues are produced every year.

Full-Timeg RVing

RV Home Base

Full-Time RVing by Bill and Jan Moeller

Selecting an RV Home Base

Thinking about going 'full-time'.  You might want to get some input from a book such as the one on the left above.  If you're giving up your house/home then you'll need to maintain a 'residency' in a 'home state'.  The book on the above right is one of the available books that will give you some information on what the state requirements are.

Satellite Direct

Howrey Publishing Corps of Engineers Campground Guide

Satellite Direct - for a current satellite TV listing...

Corps of Engineers Campground Guide
Howrey Publishing

Trailer Life's Towing Guide

Interstate America (IA) is a publisher of several interstate travel directories as well as provider of ITS data for mapping software and in-vehicle navigation systems. Interstate America serves two of America's largest industries: commercial transportation and leisure travel.
The Exit Authority listed above is an example.

Trailer Life's Towing Guide.

Interstate America

Trailer Life's RV Handbook

towing_guide.jpg (76782 bytes)

.The RV Handbook from Trailer Life

The R.V. Towing Guide w/state by state laws for vehicles towing trailers or dinghies.

2000 All States Tax Handbook - Tells what states have personal taxes, income taxes, etc.  Research tool for the full-timer.

Cottage Publications has several books on RVing/Camping available.

Wheelers - Wheelers RV Resort and Campground Guide.  The Wheelers Guide covers listings for the United States, Canada and Mexico, describing and locating government and privately operated parks serving campers and RVers.  The Guide's format is concise, printed on a fine calendared stock with a readable typeface, making the Wheelers Guide very easy to use!


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