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RV Camping Grounds Links is where you'll find links to both state resources (1st listing for each state) and other  interesting places I've found both personally and on the internet.  The are organized by state for your convenience.  RV camp parks will be listed for camping park purchases, memberships, etc.  You can 'join' a camp park and get benefits from the membership, along with other camping friends.  If your going to join an association, timeshare, etc. be sure to be aware.  The National Association for Members of Campground Resorts, Condominiums, and Timeshares has information regarding this.  We were members of Coast to Coast and RPI and have dropped our memberships because we weren't using them.  It was an unneeded expense.

Campground Associations are quickly accessible here.  Travel Areas are interesting locations and areas to visit that I have found personally and on the internet.

Looking for a state resource you haven't been able to find?  Try (www.state.??.us) where the ?? is the two letter abbreviation of the state you are seeking.  This appears to be a lead in to any state you might want.  You'll have to chase down the facilities you want from that point but it's a good starter.  You might also note that in many of the cases below, the web page was a mess to say the least and it was an exercise in frustration to even find the state parks page.  In one case I couldn't find the page at all.  I have listed what I did find as the first entry in each state listing.

RV Camping Grounds Links
State Information Resources

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This area has various links to campsites that I've found that seem interesting.  General sources first and then by state sites. Each state official resource location is listed first in the state.

US Army Corps of Engineers ( provides many services.  Among them are of course the campgrounds.  Use the new reservation system to save your spot at the campground of your choice.

Happy Campers ( Your Recreational Vehicle Travel Guide to the American Southwest and Northern Mexico

RPI Camp Resort members nationally ( Nationwide listed of member camp grounds.

Traveling USA has a nice listing of available campgrounds and parks (

GoCampingAmerica has a very good listing of campgrounds and parks also (

KOA Kampgrounds are of course a commercial chain of campgrounds listed at (

Several sites around the country ( including one at Walt Disney World.  Seems to be a top notch camping area... probably at top notch prices.

Park-Net (   It looks like this site is not very all-inclusive at this time.  It may well be more so in the future...  If you are planning a camping trip in the United States, Park.Net offers information and online reservations for campsites and cabins in many state parks. You can now make reservations for New York and California campsites and cabins online. Park.Net is excited to provide this unique service as well as extensive information about the campsites and cabins in the state of New York.

RV Parks USA ( is a link to various camping areas across the USA.

Free Campgrounds ( are listed here.  Yes, they do exist.


Alabama State Parks listing (   Don't you love it when the state makes you hunt for these things... and then they change it.


Alaska State Park Information (


Arizona State Parks ( was a little hard to find but the state seems to be trying to

Sunflower Resort  is for seniors.  55 and older is the rule here.  Sad but true... not my idea of fun to camp in an 'old folks camp'.

U.S. Forest Service Campgrounds in and around the Rim Country.

Arizona Guide (type RV Parks in upper left corner to search and you're there)  Good place to find information about tourism in Arizona.

Yuma Convention & Visitors Bureau has a nice list of RV parks in the area.

Valle de Oro RV Resort in Mesa, AZ is a step in a different direction.  It doesn't allow residents under the age of 55 and RVs that are older than 10 years must be approved by management.


Arkansas has their own domain name which is the first I've found set up like this (  Neat!

Arkansas State Parks - have their own site also.

Ashdown, AR. - Millwood State Park (475 mi.) 114 paved patio shaded sites. 30 W/29 E.  Dump station.  Reported by a friend to be a fantastic area.  Very beautiful and a nice place to go.  He said to be sure and catch the Fishbowl Restaurant just west of the dam.


California State Parks ( listing also has a lead to national parks and national forests located in California.  In checking the page on 02/02/02... some idiot decided that the web page wasn't what it should be and now they have gone to ASP for their presentation and there is no link that is 'obvious' for camping information.  If you click on Travel and Transportation on the left side and then go to the California Travel Center (skip the BS intro done with macromedia/flash or whatever) and you can then go to places to stay on the left side then finally getting a choice of Camping, Trailers, & RVs.  This, believe it or not will give you a listing of the camping areas/state parks in California.  God... who designs these web pages anyway??

Free Campgrounds in Southern California (


Colorado Department of Natural Resources ( is the official Colorado State Park guide.

Tiger Run Resort, located in Breckenridge, CO is reported to be a fantastic site.

Blue Arrow Campground outside Estes Park Lead in to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Colorado RV parks/camps listed (  This is not the listing of state parks but a listing of commercial campgrounds.

Hermosa Meadows Campground is a year round campground near Durango, CO.

Jellystone Park, Canon City, CO was one we found to be very responsive to our needs.  They are well situated near the Royal Gorge and had excellent services.


Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection ( handles their recreation and state parks listings.


Delaware, the first state, is a small state but it still has beautiful camping (


Florida State Parks ( for year-round fun!

Florida camping/RVing information ( source.

Florida Camping and RV Parks use this to find camping and RV parks in Florida.

Ft Wilderness campground at Disneyworld in Florida ( is a great place to stay while at Disneyworld.  Fort Wilderness FAQ are here (

Sun Resort RV Park - Apopka, FL    Sun Resort RV Park in central Florida, just northwest of Orlando is only a few miles from the activities of Lake Apopka.  There are three 18-hole golf courses within 15 miles of the park as well as shopping centers, restaurants, and other entertainment. Disney World, EPCOT Center, and other attractions of central Florida are within a short drive. This is the closest Coast to Coast resort to Universal Studios. Open year-round.  Like many of the Coast to Coast campgrounds there are way too many 'permanent' residents such as trailer homes.

River Bend Motorcoach Resort - On the Caloosahatchee River 7 miles west of Labelle, FL.


Georgia ( is another one of those states that gets away from the basic site location format and goes with its' own URL.


Even the islands of Hawaii have a state park system ( and now to get that really big RV over there?  Do people really do that?


Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (


Illinois state parks ( ) are kept up by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Geneseo Campground in Geneseo, Illinois is one of my favorite places to go.  I have relatives there and it is one of the quietest places to relax I've ever been!  They have a secondary link at ( with pictures of the park.


Indiana Department of Natural Resources ( has their state parks listed under state parks and reservoirs down in their website.   Another one that wasn't as easy to find as it should be.

Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds
17746D county Road 34
Goshen, Indiana 46528
Located near numerous RV manufacturers.  Public camping is available on the grounds year-around except during private closed events.  Call ahead to confirm if camping will be available during your visit. (Limited camping during winter months.)

Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground
Lafayete, IN


Iowa Parks, Recreation, and Preserves Department (

Three Mile Recreational Area - Creston, IA <FLYER 1> <FLYER 2>

Viking Lake State Park - Stanton, IA <FLYER 1> <FLYER 2>


Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks ( is a lead in to the facilities of the State of Kansas.

Courtland, KS has a small area for courtesy RV parking in their City Park near the water tower.  Water and electricity are available.  Courtland is located off of US Highway 36 (1 mile south) on State Highway 199 in north central Kansas.

Belleville, KS Belleville Rocky Pond Recreation Area   (785) 527-2288  Full RV hookups, camping fishing, canoeing, playground, close to Belleville High Banks race track and fairgrounds.


Kentucky State Parks ( Kentucky is home to some of the most beautiful scenery and most interesting historical sites in the country. Our state park system includes over 50 parks with facilities for meetings and conferences, recreation, camping, sports, education and much more.


Louisiana State Parks (, if like the rest of the land I've seen in Louisiana are about as flat as flat can be.   And I thought Kansas was flat!


Maine ( State Parks.  Ah, another challenge.  Find the park listing.  It was there, but not presented very well.  Turns out it's on the Bureau of Parks and Lands page, which is not a direct connect from the main page nor does it show on the main page as Bureau of Parks and Lands.  It simply has 'state parks' and goes to a section of the BPL page.


And finally, Maryland Parks and Lands ( after only chasing down 4 levels in the website.  With an opening page that is little more than a text file.  They really put themselves out for this one!  Not!


Just when you think it's getting easier, Massachusetts ( doesn't have the slightest clue how to say the words state park.  I couldn't find a listing specifically for state parks until I got way down in the site and finally those two little words... state park.


Michigan had a nice web site up that led me to (  Department of Natural Resources handles their campgrounds and state parks.


Minnesota - Minnesota State listing for State Parks.

Pipeston RV Campground in Pipestone, Minnesota is available for those that want to attend the Hiawatha Pageant in Pipestone.   Several times a year the pageant is put on and it's great!

Sunshine Resort is located in northwest Minnesota.


Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks ( has their own domain name yet.

Frog Hollow is located 5 miles north of Grenada, MS right off I-55. Level, full hook up sites with concrete patios. 27 pull thru sites, 49 total sites, 30/50 amp service. We can accommodate tents to large rigs. Nightly, weekly, monthly rates available.


Missouri State Parks ( are of course one of the main spots for a Missouri resident to go see!
            Other Missouri links: Bennett Springs has many links related to this park.

State of Missouri Camp Resorts.  These are commercial membership resorts.

Basswood Country Inn RV Resort is in the greater Kansas City Area and is an excellent RV spot.

Country Lakes RV Park - Warsaw, MO  This is an excellent park that we've stayed at.  They are expanding their facilities and have 50 AMP service with sewer and water.  On the south side of Warsaw near Truman Lake.

Treasure Lakes - Branson, MO    Treasure Lake RV Resort, deep in the heart of Ozark Mountain Country, is just minutes away from a large variety of recreational facilities including the Tri-Lakes (Table Rock, Taneycomo, and Bull Shoals) for fishing and boating. Also, less than three miles away are “Shepherd of the Hills,” which comes to life nightly in a 4,000-seat outdoor amphitheater, Silver Dollar City, White Water, Grand Palace and many theaters and concert halls. Open year-round. C2C, RPI

Lake Paradise - Oak Grove, MO    Located just 45 minutes from Kansas City in an area rich with American history and culture, you'll want to visit the Truman Library & Sports Complex, Country Club Plaza, Westport, Starlight Theatre, Woodlands Dog/Horse Racetrack and much more. The resort is nestled in the woods and each campsite is designed to offer seclusion and a close-up view of nature and wildlife that has earned it the reputation as “The Ozarks of Kansas City.” Open year-round.  Lake Paradise Coast to Coast link.  C2C, RPI.


Montana State Parks and Recreation (


Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (,7) is the one here.


Nevada State Parks (

Laughlin, Nevada ( RV information.


New Hampshire, The Parks Bureau ( handles some 39 state parks.

New Hampshire Camp Parks is a great New Hampshire resource!


New Jersey - Searched and searched some more... used search engines... whatever... could not find a New Jersey State Park page or anything that looked like it might lead there.  Left them email.  Stay tuned for results of email.  The results of the email indicated that the Department of Environmental Protection was the place to go to get an answer and their answer was that they were under construction and had not gotten such a web page up yet for the state parks.  And now we have the New Jersey page available at last... (   Thank you New Jersey!

New Jersey Camping and RV Parks from may be of some help.


New Mexico State Parks ( One click from the home page.  What a relief!


New York State Parks (  New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation welcomes 65 million visitors a year to its magnificent parks, historic sites and recreation areas from Jones Beach to Niagara Falls.

Lazy Days Campground  Lazy Days Campground can be found in northern New York State. Nestled in the area between the Canadian border, Vermont, and Lake Champlain, it provides relaxing warm summer days filled with fun and relaxation.


The North Carolina State Parks System ( exists for the enjoyment, education, health, and inspiration of all our citizens and visitors.


North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department (


Ohio Division of Parks and Recreation ( or did you ever feel that web designers are pretty much clueless?


Oklahoma website is a framed site and ( you'll have to find the part of it you want after you get there.

Oklahoma State Facilities are listed here.

Travel OK - Travel information for the State of Oklahoma.


Oregon State Parks and Recreation ( to check out Oregon facilities.


Pennsylvania, guessed my way to this page.  ( Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.  Reservations - call 1-888-PA-PARKS.  Reserve up to eleven (11) months in advance.

Driftstone on the Delaware near Bethal, PA.


Rhode Island (   Don't look on the main state page... you'll be wasting your time.  Nice page for the parks once you find it.


South Carolina ( has a refreshing web page.  Well done!


South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks (

Hart Ranch, located in Rapid City, SD is also reported to be a fantastic camping park.

Rafter J Bar Ranch looks like a nice place to go in the area of Hill City, South Dakota.


Tennessee ( vows to keep a clean environment for your enjoyment.

From one of the newsgroups:  A freebee camping site and good food also.

I'm about 5 miles off the interstate so that's not terribly
practical for most interstate travelers. I do, however, have
designated parking for RVers and power (20 amps, 240 available when
demand develops) is available, as is water for filling the fresh
water tank. All at no cost, of course. I used to offer free
compressed air too, until I had about the 4th hose stolen, along
with the attached expensive Milton gauge/valve. I can even arrange
to dump if necessary. We'll just pull the rig onto the side street
and dump in the sewer manhole like I do my own rig. So far the
major use of my lot has been semi drivers. That's fine - they like
to eat well :-)

If you happen to be in the area, come on over. Exit 20 off I-75
north of Chattanooga. Go east on APD40 (the 4-lane off the exit) to
the Blue Springs road exit. Turn right. Blue springs turns into
Ocoee street when downtown Cleveland is reached and the road splits
into 1-way segments. We're one block past the 1st traffic light. 
Restaurant's on the left, the Pit and RV parking is on the right. 
Can't miss it.  John De Armond


Texas State Parks and Wildlife ( check for availability and reservations.

Destination South Padre RV Resort ( is a large resort for RVers on the Island.

Travelers World, San Antonio where we are staying in February (10-11) 2001.  We'll go on from there to South Padre RV Resort for Feb 12-16, 2001.

Indian Springs Camp & RV Park is located at Kountze, Texas.  Apparently it is important to them that they are in the heart of the 'Big Thicket' although quite frankly I've never heard of it and Kountze, Texas is a total loss as to where it is.  A map that was on a group site page says it's NE of Houston.  Looks like a nice campground.


Utah ( Department of Parks and Recreation, is a place I always like to visit.  Check out the copper mine if you're in the are of Salt Lake City.  It's a real adventure to see.


Vermont ( is one of those places I haven't been.  Looking forward to putting it on my itinerary.


Virginia ( 43 state parks.  Request their state park info book.


Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission ( is your connection to Washington State Facilities.


West Virginia (  The West Virginia State Park system is comprised of over 80,000 acres which have been set aside to protect regions of natural wonder, showcase scenic beauty, and preserve sites of historical significance in addition to recreational opportunities on 100,000 plus acres of state forest and wildlife management area property.


Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (


Wyoming (  One of my favorite states.  Many of the 'outlaw' trails were highlighted in Robert Redford's book "The Outlaw Trail".

Indian Campground in Buffalo, WY looks interesting.

Deer Creek RV Park and Campground in Buffalo, WY is another good one in Wyoming.  A lot of positive remarks in the newsgroups.


Dryden Creek Resorts is located in British Columbia, Canada (


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