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Just as a bit of general information, the 'host' site is a special site set up in a park.  It usually has all the hookups (electrical, water, sewer) available since the host will be there for lengthy stays.  It is usually occupied by the 'host' who is a volunteer (or compensated on-site employee) that helps out with the park area.  The 'host' will maintain a vigilance over the campground facilities and assist with collecting fees, selling wood, and maintaining the park.  Volunteer positions are almost always available and Good Sam maintains a service that you can sign up with for 'hosting' around the country at various state and federal facilities.  Hosts are often compensated by free camping and a meager pay.  At times the compensations are for a basic amount of hours worked and anything over that basic amount is compensated financially.  The host usually works with the management for the compensation level that is eventually agreed on.

Sites have various seasons and needs.  You'll have to check with the Good Sam service, another work camper service, or directly with the site management to obtain such a 'job'.  I have several web pages listed on my publications page that will assist you with finding such a 'job'.

Host Responsibilities/Ideas/Notes:

At the Corps of Engineers sites here in Missouri the host also does the checking in duties and collecting money.  The host also is expected to notify folks if they are violating any rules but they are not to be confrontational.  There are police officials that will handle disorderly folks.  At Missouri state sites the host is a welcoming committee and occasionally handles the money/check-in.  Each state site, Corps of Engineers site, or private campground will have their own rules and requirements for a campground host position.  The below is just an example of host duties.

Ranger or 'official' responsibilities:  

 Possible host jobs (each campground is different)

Many times actual cleaning is usually done by the maintenance crews although there are camps that require cleaning duties.  It is expected that deficiencies will be reported to the appropriate rangers or officials.

Unofficial suggestions:


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